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Aged care consulting

Sana Turnock successfully established and managed aromatherapy programs in Perth-based aged care facilities from 1999 to 2009. The programs were designed to assist residents by promoting better sleep patterns, calming and settling, to uplift, provide comfort during palliative care and in wound care (specifically skin tears).

Sana observed numerous benefits and positive outcomes of aromatherapy within aged care environments, not only for residents, but for staff and residents’ families. When residents are calm and balanced, staff members become more relaxed and enjoy their work environment more. Families also feel more comfortable entering a calm and aromatically fragranced environment.

The outcome of this is that Sana now provides aromatherapy to aged care facilities by training staff on the benefits of aromatherapy during palliative care, as well as providing a general aromatherapy consulting program service. As a way of making aromatherapy more accessible to aged care facilities. Sana has developed Aromatherapy in Aged Care Packages for local and interstate facilities in mind. Click on to Aged care aroma packages for more details.

Facility Managers, why not treat staff to a Wellness and You in the Work Place education session. Sana has seen time and time again what stress can do to staff prior to, and during accreditation, auditing, high staff turnovers and management changes. The education session will give staff the tools to manage their stress effectively using essential oils. It will also help them appreciate and understand why aromatherapy has become part of resident care.

The Wellness and You in the Work Place education session works hand-in hand with any of the Aged Care aroma packages on offer. Make an enquiry today.

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