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The following workshops are on offer for organisations or individuals with a health and wellness focus. These workshops are beneficial for training and educating staff as well as providing natural health and wellness opportunities for self development. Email or call me to discuss your needs.

Aromatherapy: A more peaceful YOU!

Discover the power of aromatherapy and how it can assist in creating a more peaceful you. Learn about the benefits of aromatherapy, its applications in reducing stress symptoms and how to welcome, manage and maintain peace and calm in your life. Notes, tuition & activities are supplied. Duration: 3.15 hours   

Aromatherapy in times of Palliative Care

Aromatherapy is a very beneficial tool to use when someone is in the last stages of life. Learn about specific essential oils and when and how they can be applied. A workshop that opens up compassion and care through the senses. An important workshop for the following: carers and family members of the terminally ill; nurses and clinical management in hospitals, respite and care facilities; interested general members of the public and; individuals with terminal illness. Notes, tuition & activities are supplied. Duration: 3.15 hours   

Aromatherapy for Children

Call it the one day aromatherapy FIRST AID workshop for children. You will learn and be shown how to use essential oils and related products to treat health and well being issues for children. Informative and practical, this workshop is a must for those of us wishing to tap into the power of nature by using natural therapeutic ways to promote wellness in our children. Notes, tuition & activities are supplied. Duration: 6 hours   

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