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Ingredient List

Here is a break down of the ingredients found in Aroma Casa products.

Essential OilsVolatile active compounds distilled directly from plant matter. eg. leaf, twig, root, wood, flower etc. Aroma Casa products contain essential oils that have been sourced from all over the world. Aroma Casa suppliers are reputable, have a strong ethic when it comes to providing pure and high quality grade essential oil products to wholesalers. If organic products are available and are reasonably priced, Aroma Casa will aim to use these essential and carrier oils in the product.
Purified WaterWater that may be distilled, come from a natural spring or is purified in some way.
Ethanol AlcoholUsed with essential oils to disperse into water. In Aroma Casa products ethanol is used in room sprays.
PreservativesRosemary (Amiox)Is a preservative that prevents rancidity of vegetable oils or creams that contain vegetable oils.

Grapefruit (Citricidal)Is a preservative that is used in the water phase of sprays, creams, mists, etc.
Fresh botanicalsDried plant matter added to product.
Vegetable glycerineA sweet syrup made from combining water and fats. Referred to as a humectant as it maintains moisture in products. When used in skin care it allows for smoother application on face, hands etc. Considered non toxic, non irritating and non-allergenic when diluted or used in a mixed preparation.
Carrier oilsOils that come from plant matter and provide great benefits to the skin. Carrier oils found in Aroma Casa products include macadamia oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, apricot oil and calendula oil.
Green clayClay that comes from the earth and is rich in minerals. It is chemically free and has been dried in the sun to increase its activity and effectiveness. Green clay has a detoxifying effect.
SolubiliserMade from almond and coconut oil. Disperses essential and vegetable oils into water. It is a useful ingredient for aromatherapy products as it is gentle on the skin.
Castille soapMade from purified water, coconut, olive oil and glycerine. Castille soap is mainly found in Aroma Casa bath blends. It can temporarily solidify in cold weather.
Stearic Acid derived from Palm oilUsed in hand creams, deodorants and cosmetics.
Cetyl alcohol wax It is an emollient and emulsifier. Very occasionally it may cause contact eczema.
Hydroxyethyl CelluloseIs used to bind other ingredients and acts as a thickener.
Tocopherol (vit E)A synthetic preservative used to extend the shelf life that little bit longer.
Xanthan gumCorn sugar gum that is used as a thickener, stabiliser and emulsifier.
Epsom SaltWhite crystals with magnesium sulphate – benefits include detoxification and relaxing.
Floral watersCome from the distillation process of extracting essential oils from flowers or other plant matter. Beneficial, useful and simply….. divine!. Floral waters have a very short shelf life so are used sporadically in Aroma Casa products.


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