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Flower Power Energetics In Action – By Sana Turnock

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Flower Power Energetics

Take a botanical, spiritual, creative, healing and empowering journey with aromatic plants by using essential oils and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Folk lore, fascinating anecdotes, research, scientific development as well as the wisdom and healing power of aromatic plants is explored.

This is a book that moves beyond essential oil and bush flower essence profiles. It offers the reader the opportunity to take part in activities and use techniques to tap into your own wisdom and creativity when utilizing the healing potential of aromatic plants. Overall it informs, educates and inspires the reader to take action – Flower Power Action!

Here’s what some people are saying about Flower Power Energetics In Action

Sana Turnock has written a book that reflects the life of a human being who is totally committed to helping our planet and all living beings through the support of essential oils and bush flower essences. It opens many doors and paves the way for an approach of global medicine of the third millennium.

Thank you, Sana, for bringing your active and very practical contribution to this immense task.

Dr Daniel Penoel
Vallée de la Drôme, France

Another triumph of (local) talent and impressive commitment to the natural therapies industry.

Margaret Evans, Publisher
NOVA magazine, Western Australia

The ability to convey the amazing world of aromatic plants is one to be coveted and prized. Sana Turnock in her latest book Flower Power Energetics in Action has done just that. With many practical examples and suggestions for use Flower Power Energetics in Action is one book that every person interested in natural therapies should have on their book shelf.

Leonie Gully, Aromatherapist
Moon Haven Soaps, Lotions & Potions, Western Australia

Flower Power Energetics in Action is beautiful 'inside and out'. I couldn't put it down... I LOVE IT! Sana, you truly are a gifted writer and healing practitioner.

This book is a must have for all energy workers, aromatherapists and flower essence practitioners!

Kelly Holland Azzaro, Vice President
National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy The United States

I love the way you have brought together the healing properties of both flower essences and essential oils. This makes a complete text not only for practitioners but also the layperson with a love for working with natures healing.

Jennifer Jeffries, Editor and Publisher
Aromatherapy Today Australia

Complementary Therapies – Holistic Success Stories by Sana Stevanovski

Complementary Therapies

Meet 11 successful natural therapy professionals who will inspire you to make it big in your own way. It highlights their challenges, successes, aspirations, beliefs and determination. Happy reading!

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Here’s what some people are saying about Complementary Therapies – Holistic Success Stories

“I feel, as I did the first time I saw it, that the book is beautifully produced. I have read some of the chapters and loved the stories. I will make a point of bringing it to all naturopathic classes I teach so that when the subject of employment comes up, I have your book in hand.”

Maryanne Sea, WA

“What emerges is a sense of vocation and a real belief that complementary therapies can work hand in hand with mainstream medicine, with a better informed public benefiting from better informed practitioners in the field..”

Margaret Evans, Editor
NOVA magazine

“Each individual … portrays internal passion and intrinsic motivation required to develop the vision…The book is recommended reading for anyone establishing or proposing to establish a business in this field.”

Barbara Grinsell
Coordinator of Home Based Business at the Coastal Business Centre

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