Aroma Casa, holistic health for a better world.

Welcome to a website dedicated to aromatherapy, holistic health for a better world and joyful living.

Aroma Casa and Joyful Living Consultancy have been established by clinical aromatherapist and consultant, Sana Turnock, who lives in the south west of Western Australia. Joyful Living Consultancy is based on living life joyfully so that it positively affects others. The primary focus of Joyful Living Consultancy is to provide wellness services to:

  1. Health care environments such as nursing homes and hospitals
  2. Education settings;
  3. Individuals wishing to make a positive holistic change in their own life. 

Such services include aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, bush flower essence, reflexology and reiki practitioner services, consulting, product formulation, wellness education and coaching, and writing services.

Sana is passionate about natural therapies especially aromatherapy and its many positive applications for health and wellness. That is why she created Joyful Living Consultancy.

You can also find her on Linkedin

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